Stargaze Entertainment Group Inc. (OTC: STGZ.PK) is an entertainment production and distribution company focused on the creation and distribution of films, music and television shows. Mr. Tony Green, President and CEO of Stargaze Entertainment Group Inc., is an award winning film maker, music producer and songwriter with extensive entertainment industry experience. Stargaze Entertainment Group Inc. also pursues growth through strategic partnerships in an effort to become a competitive player in the digital distribution industry.

Mr. Tony Green has an extensive background in the film and music industry, and has been instrumental in the successful completion of film and music projects worldwide. STGZ will continue to search for additional entertainment projects and strategic partnerships with the intent of creating original media content, as part of our ongoing commitment to drive growth and increase shareholder value.




Tony Green
President and CEO

Mr. Tony Green is an award winning music producer, songwriter and filmmaker. His proven hit songs have earned him international acclaim. His works have been charted on Billboard magazine and have reached gold and platinum status. Tony Green is an inductee of the Canadian Dance Hall of Fame. His award winning film South of the Moon, which he wrote, produced and directed, received worldwide recognition. He has been successful in running and building various entertainment corporations and is now President & CEO of Stargaze Entertainment Group, Inc.

Lia Tsoukalas
Vice President and Corporate Secretary

Lia (Hariklia) Tsoukalas graduated from Concordia University in Montreal where she received a degree in political science. She launched and successfully built her own company that specialized in social events. That success earned her a Vice-President position at Get It Tunes Agora (GITA), a company in the business of integrating social media, multimedia and cultural content. The experience she gathered there served as a springboard to her present position of Vice-president and Corporate Secretary at Stargaze Entertainment Group Inc (STGZ). As part of STGZ’s overall management, Ms. Lia Tsoukalas is involved in the comprehensive marketing and planning of distinctive and unique multi-media events and corporate deals. She will also partake in the development of strategic alliances and alternative online media distribution channels in the multimedia space.

Nikitas Tsoukalas

Nikitas Tsoukalas is the President of FANEX Import-Export, a brokerage company involved in the development stage of different international projects. He is also President of Get It Tunes Agora Inc. (GITA), a company he started so as to implement his vision of integrating social media, multimedia and cultural content. Part of his motivation was to provide an avenue, a market, an “Agora,” for new artists and for alternative content. He has a B.A. in Business and Economics from Concordia University.


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